“My ex-girlfriend contacted me to say that I may be the father of her 5 year old daughter. Your test proved that I am the true biological father. It’s a life changer. Thank you.”

Jared, SD

“I was very impressed with the ease and discretion of the testing process. I received my results quickly and quietly.”


“My husband has always mentioned that our two children maybe did not belong to him and accused me of being involved with his friend at the time that our children were conceived. I knew that this was not true. We finally decided to get a paternity test done to put an end to this. Sure enough, the results of the paternity test indicated greater than 99.9999% that he was the father of our children. Our family is now closer than ever before.”

R. Stern, Seattle, WA

“A++++. Near the date that my test was scheduled to be completed, I was so nervous that I ended up calling your lab almost once every hour. Thank you for putting up with me. I won’t forget your kindness.”

G. Lopez, NY, NY

10 genes that affect your ability to lose weight

Genetic variation plays a big role in every individual’s body weight and ability to lose weight. This variation can affect everything from how much you snack, to exercise motivation and metabolic circadian rhythm. The DNA Weight Loss Test identifies variants in the following genes.

Snacking – MC4R
Hunger – FTO
Satiety – SH2B1
Exercise motivation – BDNF
BMI and physical exercise – FTO
Fat breakdown in response to exercise – ADRB2
Sensitivity to saturated fats – APOA2
Fatty acid uptake – FABP2
Starch digestion – AMY1
Metabolic circadian rhythm – CLOCK

How much is a DNA test?

DNA testing is fast and affordable. The price of a DNA Test will differ depending on the type of test

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