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Private Aunt/Uncle Test

1 aunt, 1 nephew or niece $150 Order »
1 uncle, 1 nephew or niece $150 Order »
1 aunt, 1 nephew or niece & mother of nephew or niece $245 Order »
1 uncle, 1 nephew or niece & mother of nephew or niece $245 Order »

Legal Aunt/Uncle Test Learn more about legal testing

1 aunt, 1 nephew or niece $255 Order »
1 uncle, 1 nephew or niece $255 Order »
1 aunt, 1 nephew or niece & mother of nephew or niece $350 Order »
1 uncle, 1 nephew or niece & mother of nephew or niece $350 Order »


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DNA Aunt/Uncle Test
Private Knowledge DNA Aunt/Uncle Test starting at $150 and Legally Admissible DNA Aunt/Uncle Test starting at $255

DNA testing can help to investigate whether an alleged aunt or uncle is the true biological aunt or uncle of a person. Please read the information provided below to fully understand the benefits and limitations of the aunt/uncle test before ordering.

When an Aunt/Uncle Test is Required

The most common reason why an aunt or uncle test is required is because the alleged father or alleged mother of a child in question is deceased or missing. In such cases, testing the biological siblings of the mother or the father can indirectly investigate the possibility relationship or non-relationship.

Please remember that while DNA paternity and maternity testing will provide conclusive results, in situations where the alleged parents are unavailable for testing, an Aunt/Uncle Test will provide a statistical analysis of the probability of relationship. Whenever the parents are available for testing, it is always recommended to perform the Paternity or Maternity test instead of an Aunt/Uncle Test.

How the Aunt/Uncle Test Works

When a Aunt/Uncle Test is conducted, the DNA laboratory will determine the genetic profiles of the alleged aunt or uncle and nephew or niece. Based on the type of genetic material inherited by each individual, a kinship index is determined.

If the kinship index result is less than 1.00, this indicates non-relatedness. If the kinship index is greater than 1.00, this indicates that the two tested individuals are more likely to be true relatives. The higher the value of the kinship index, the greater the likelihood that the two individuals are true biological relatives.

An aunt/uncle test will help to provide you with an indication of whether you are more likely to be biologically related or not the true biological relative of the other tested individual.

Increasing the Stringency of the Aunt/Uncle Test

If the mother of the nephew or niece can be tested, then including the mother in the test will greatly increase the accuracy of the Aunt/Uncle test if the person in question is the father of the child.

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What if the individuals to be tested live at different addresses, can you split the kit?

Yes, if the individuals to be tested live in different cities, or even different countries, we can split the kit and send each component to a different address. Since the kits are individually barcoded, the samples will still be tested together even if the are sent back separately. To order a split kit, please write the following into the comments box of the online order form "Please split kit". Please also indicate the name and address to send each component. For example, please state "send the Alleged Aunt's portion to... (specify name and address)" and "send the Nephew/Niece's portion to... (specify name and address).